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Priesthood of Every Believer

In Equipping the Saints, here is what we’ve done so far…

The aims of relational discipleship to lead a person to:

  1. Gain an eternal perspective… to exchange our lives for eternal things.

  2. Accept the Great Commission… to see it as our responsibility.

In this third session, we take up the historical development of the priesthood and see that in the Gospel there is now a priesthood of every believer… to see priesthood as our identity.

The big idea of this session: If Jesus is our Master, our vocation is to be a priest. Avocationally, we may be doctors, lawyers, teachers, merchants, etc., but that has to do with where we function as priests, not what we are vocationally [or that we are to function as priests].

Here are the slides from the session: PriesthoodofBeliever_ETS

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