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On Mission in Cayman

With the birth of our daughter this summer, it was a bittersweet moment when I decided I wouldn’t lead the mission team to Cayman Brac this summer. After three consecutive years ministering alongside Ebeneezer and Fellowship Baptist Churches on the island, it’s hard to recount all the ways in which I’ve seen God moving there, and through all the FBCA teams that have gone. I just look forward to taking Philece to the island on future trips!

From Cayman 2012 Team

From Cayman 2012 Team

Cayman 2012 Team

Cayman 2012 Team


Cayman 2012 Team


Cayman 2012 Team

Here’s a great story that ran in the Cayman News featuring our team that was on island last week (Aug 2013). Pictures on the link, text copied below.


Forty-eight Cayman Brac youngsters participated in the Upward Sports Camp and family fun nights held at the Aston Rutty Centre last week, under the auspices of the Ebenezer and Fellowship Baptist churches in partnership with the Sports Department of Cayman Brac.

Twelve teens from the community, along with a visiting group of 21 from the First Baptist Church of Alexandria, Virginia, in the United States volunteered at the camp. Volunteers operated in four serving groups to ensure the smooth running of both the camp and the family fun night.

The camp was a continuation of the Upward Basketball programme which uses sports to help children to build their confidence through recognition that every child is a winner and each one is unique, so that they will not only be strong physically but spiritually. Against this background, each day’s camp began with Bible study. Participants also engaged in art and craft and played games and were also instructed in the basics of football.

The family nights aspect of the camp was aimed and strengthening family and marriage bonds. Some 34 children and 55 teenagers attended these sessions during the week. Attendees were organised in teams of children and youth and age-appropriate information was taught to each group. They learnt about using the rules laid out in the word of God as a building block for relationships within the family.

A marriage seminar was also held over the week of activities with 16 couples who registered for the programme. Each couple was at different stages of their years together, including a young couple that was engaged to be married. The duo had a perfect attendance record for every night of the camp.

Rob and Terri Stewart, the leaders and facilitators of this seminar, taught the group from the book, Sacred Marriage, and provided information on how to live as a family and a couple, the way in which God designed it, thereby strengthening the marriage and the family relationship as a whole.

It was not all seriousness, however. Each night ended with a variety of games, including Family Feud and Minute to Win It, which pitted children and youth versus adults. The games proved to be an enjoyable part of this family night, bringing together children, youth and adults for wholesome entertainment.

Pastor Mike Irby noted that the week ended on a very high note. On the last night, one of the couples Mr Esmond and Mrs Chelsey Brown celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary. It was a fitting end to a wonderful week. The couple testified that although their union may not have started out perfectly, with God it has been possible and a long-lasting marriage is achievable. Everyone joined in their celebration and enjoyed their anniversary cake with them.

Pastor Irby stated that the church from which the visiting group came is no stranger to Ebenezer Church as this relationship has been ongoing from the 1970s, even though it has not been yearly.

He said they would like to host similar family events in future, as it is important for children to see good role models in families and mothers and fathers that enjoy a good relationship.

He also thanked Erbin Tibbetts who transported the group.

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