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Godly Engagement when the OK Legislature Begins Special Session

Gov. Fallin Recalls the Legislature into session beginning Sept. 25

Legislators plan to make their way back to Oklahoma City after Gov. Mary Fallin announced she will be calling a special session. The Oklahoman reported,

“In the wake of a court ruling that stripped $215 million from four agency budgets, Gov. Mary Fallin said she will call a special session of the Oklahoma Legislature. The governor said she officially will call a special session within a few days, and that it would convene Sept. 25.” Click here to read the full article by Capitol reporter, Dale Denwalt.

Precisely how the Oklahoma House and Senate will address the budgetary challenges remains uncertain. Legislators are often the recipients of negative engagement from angry constituents. What might happen if Oklahoma’s law makers were surrounded by informed and engaged Christians who are actively praying for the Gospel to transform the legislature and legislative process? As Martin Luther King, Jr. writes, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.” Christians have the opportunity to engage policy makers throughout this special session and here are a few ways how.

Continue to Pray

In 1 Timothy 2:1-2, the God instructs all believers to give thanks and pray faithfully for those who are in authority. Here are just a few ideas from Capitol Commission for how you might pray for legislators convening at 23rd and Lincoln in a few weeks.

Divine Wisdom: Political leaders are regularly called upon to make very difficult decisions that affect many people. Divine wisdom is available for those who ask God for it (James 1:5). Good decisions will seldom be made without God’s wisdom (Psalm 111:10).

Discernment: Sometimes there is a fine line between a right or a wrong decision. Every day a political leader is called upon to vote on an issue that may or may not be good for the people they represent. It is in these times they need Godly discernment (1 Kings 3:9).

Visit Capitol Commission’s online prayer tool and sign up to receive daily or weekly emails guiding you to pray for Oklahoma’s elected leaders. Visit to learn more and sign up.

Contact to Encourage

As a Christ-follower, you are uniquely gifted with the Spirit of God to share the love and grace of God. Your words and actions are anointed with the presence and power of God and can give deep and meaningful encouragement to those you meet. Contact your state representative and senator and encourage them, sharing not just that you are praying for them, but how you are praying for them.

Be Equipped to Engage

While you have them on the phone, ask if you can sign up for newsletters and other resources to stay in touch. Most members of the legislature publish some form of regular update, either in printed or electronic form, and many members are publishing vlogs (video blogs). They do this as a service to keep their constituents informed and to give insight into their efforts to serve Oklahomans. You can more closely follow what your representative is saying about various issues and this can help you better understand their experiences and the factors they are weighing when making decisions about how they vote. Connect to their office and request to receive these resources.

Finally, sign up to receive the Capitol Report from Capitol Commission Oklahoma. This monthly publication is not a resource for policy information but is specifically designed to equip Christians to better engage and pray for leaders as relevant policy decisions and developments occur.

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