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Encounter this Fall at FBCA (VIDEO)

In Jesus… a series through the Gospel of John this Fall at Encounter.

Select Sunday evenings this fall at 6:30pm at FBC Alexandria. The service will begin promptly at 6:30 and childcare* is offered.

  1. AUG 30: In Jesus, God Dwells With Us

  2. SEPT 13 – In Jesus, God Confronts Sin

  3. SEPT 27 – In Jesus, God Gives Us New Birth

  4. OCT 4 – In Jesus, God Quenches Our Thirst

  5. OCT 11 – In Jesus, God Raises the Dead

  6. NOV 1 – In Jesus, God Deserves Worship

  7. NOV 15 – In Jesus, God Teaches Us to Love

  8. NOV 29 – In Jesus, God Rules as King

  9. DEC 6 – In Jesus, God Establishes Family

  10. DEC 20 – In Jesus, God Sends Us Out

Don’t miss a single one! More at 

*Parents, feel free to let the children join us for worship and then they can go down the hall to childcare during the message.

Encounter Fall 2015 from FBCA Discipleship & Missions on Vimeo.

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