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Election Day | Three Ways to Pray

The midterm election is almost upon us. For many in the political arena working feverishly in the final hours, November 6 couldn’t come soon enough. Much is yet known about how things will go on November 6, but one thing is certain, November 7 is just one day later. On November 7, we will know who the people of Oklahoma elected to send to Washington and to 23rd and Lincoln in Oklahoma City to serve as their representatives to lead our state and nation.

God calls Christians to engage in the political process of our state and nation at various levels. Some are working on campaigns, others are running for office, and Christians should, of course, vote. But of all the ways God calls His people to participate in the political process, none of them come before the biblical command and call to pray for our leaders. I had the great opportunity to participate on the So We Speak podcast, talking with Cole Feix about the ministry of Capitol Commission Oklahoma and specifically how Christians can be praying in these final days before the election, and in months that follow.

Three Ways to Pray

  1. Pray for Yourself – Pray for God to help you adopt a genuine heart of thanksgiving and intercession for elected leaders, as 1 Timothy 2:1-4 directs us to. Recognize that there are attitudes in our own heart, often influenced by a myriad of messages in the culture, that actively attempt to prevent us from praying with thanksgiving and intercession. So, ask God to help you identify those things in your own heart and lay them down so you can pray as God teaches us to pray for leaders in scripture.

  2. Pray for All of the Candidates – Pray for every candidate on the ballot. Some of their names you know, others you might not. But all of them need strength and endurance to finish this race. Campaigns can be ugly affairs, so pray for their families and ask God to protect them from the toxicity that can often infiltrate campaign rhetoric. Ask God to make His presence especially evident to them. If they are a Believer, pray for God to encourage and strengthen them. If they are not a Believer, ask God to use the process of a political campaign to create a new awareness and sensitivity to the truth of the Gospel and God’s love for them.

  3. Pray for Those Elected – On November 7, begin praying faithfully for those who are elected, whether you voted for them or not. They are the individuals, in God’s providence, chosen to serve. Pray for them to be influenced by heavenly wisdom, such as that described in James 3.

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