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Day 25 – Baby Son (with video)

Merry Christmas! I pray you have had – and are continuing to enjoy – a blessed Christmas day! We are in Amarillo with Donelle’s family making memories from our first Christmas with Philece.

Last night, we worshiped at Redeemer Christian Church for the Candlelight Christmas Eve Service. It was a wonderful service and powerful message from Pastor David Ritchie. Our family was introduced to a wonderful new Christmas Hymn from John Mark McMillan, “Baby Son.” The lyrics are powerful and the melody, moving.

Verse 1:

We thought you’d come with a crown of gold A string of pearls and a cashmere robe We thought you’d clinch an iron fist And rain like fire on the politics

Chorus: But without a sword, no armored guard But common born in mother’s arms The government now rests upon The shoulders of this baby son

Verse 2:

Have you no room inside your heart The inn is full, the out is dark Upon profane shines sacred sun Not ashamed to be one of us


Gloria, Allelu Christ the Lord We’ve longed for You

One of the great joys Donelle and I have is to be around her musically talented sisters. From our family to you and yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas and would like to bless you with this “living room” rendition of “Baby Son.”

Valerie Sauer – Vocals and Mandolin

Michelle Sauer – Piano

Angela Sauer – Viola

Donelle Harder – Upright Bass

Joel Harder – Vocals and guitar

Eddy Sauer – Guitar

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