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Courageous Hope (Sermon)

Courageous Hope

by Joel W. Harder

Delivered at FBC Alexandria on November 30, 2014

A few ways to have this Courage Hope, to roll away stones.

  1. Remember that all authority in heaven and on earth has NOT been given to you. It is given to Jesus. We are sent out in His authority. So relax. We are vessels and the Holy Spirit is the one working through us. We join him where He is at work. We roll away barriers to belief, Jesus raises the dead.

  2. Serve. Plug into something we’re doing here at FBCA. Serve in your Bible Fellowship or a Lifegroup, host a Christmas Open house and invite you neighbors. Becoming an experienced server will fan into flame the gifts of the Holy Spirit in your life.

  3. Go on a short-term mission trip. This is the single best way to break unhealthy routines and habits that lull us into the monotony of our lives and blind us to how God is at work around us.

  4. We don’t do it alone. How many disciples rolled away the stone from Lazarus’ tomb? More than one. We don’t get to hear Jesus audibly asking things of each other like those disciples were able to hear Jesus speaking to Martha. We must cultivate a community of faith where we share these things with each other. But also notice, did Martha have to ask the disciples to do anything? Once they knew what Jesus was asking of her, they just did it. We need to be just as ready to act with each other. And we will see the glory of God.

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