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Our culture is struggling. Particularly in politics today, people are bitterly divided, angry, hostile, and fearful. Is this simply the way American political discourse is going to be? How are civility, integrity, and the leaders we need possible in the years ahead?


It is no secret that our politics were in a bad place before the coronavirus arrived. Studies consistently show that Americans feel divided and see incivility as a real problem in our country. Large majorities of Americans (93%) also report they are tired of how divided the country has become, want compromise and are not motivated by partisan loyalty.

But the heated tone of our politics is alarming and can lead us to think it is best to not get involved. I feel the same way at times but also believe the civility, integrity and leaders we need are possible. So, I must make my voice heard — and not just my voice but many.

Together, we can see our country aspire to the heights of political debate and innovation we really want. People from all walks of life have the ability to engage leaders and break down cycles of incivility when they know where to start.

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