Dr. Joel W. Harder is a trusted voice working to shape a positive leadership culture where innovative solutions to real problems can be made.

He works with leaders believing that leaders matter. Leaders set the tone. That is true in any organization, as well as in society at large and in politics. Leaders are in unique positions of authority and influence and have the power to solve real problems.

But it starts with each of us because we are all responsible for our culture. Leaders are downstream of culture. Restoring civility and producing leaders who model integrity is only possible if that is what each of us expects and demands.

Together, we can see our country aspire to the heights of political debate and innovation we really want. People from all walks of life have the ability to engage leaders and break down cycles of incivility when they know where to start.



Dr. Joel W. Harder is the founder and president of Oklahoma Capitol Culture and Chaplain of the Oklahoma House of Representatives.


He has several years of experience working in international leadership development through local churches, nationwide nonprofits, and political arenas.


Over the course of his career, Harder has worked with young professionals, elected officials, and policymakers in Washington, D.C. and developed leadership conferences for faith and community leaders held in Central Asia, West Asia, and Eastern Europe.

"Joel has a deep faith that God is working in our lives and has a purpose for each of us. He believes, like I do, that everyone’s voice is important. He sets politics aside and understands the personal responsibility leaders carry as we do our work to the best of our ability.


I’ve also seen Joel put his beliefs into practice with leaders across the Oklahoma State Capitol as he works with my colleagues in the Oklahoma Senate, House of Representatives, as well as members of my administration and staff. He consistently interacts with Oklahoma’s elected leaders in a way that is always encouraging, prayerful, and a welcome help to our work at the Capitol."

*From the foreword to When Leaders Matter

Governor Kevin Stitt


It is no secret that our politics are in a bad place. People are bitterly divided, angry, and fearful. We seem unable to disagree with one another respectfully.

In When Leaders Matter, Chaplain Joel Harder presents a three-step approach to engage leaders and restore the civility we need in our politics while promoting the integrity we need in our leaders.


When that happens, leaders will be able to work and inspire our communities, states, and nation to address the real problems we are facing and navigate a way forward that will bless and benefit all of us.



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Dr. Joel W. Harder travels throughout the United States, in Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa sharing methods that shape a culture of innovation, developing current and future leaders, and navigating diverse perspectives to find innovative solutions.


Dr. Harder shares effective solutions for:


  • How everyday people from all walks of life can overcome the problem of incivility in politics and engage with state and local leaders to promote integrity in their leadership.

  • Effective techniques to utilize new technology in order to shape culture and develop leadership pipelines as more companies and organizations adapt to a remote workforce.


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